Caribbean Database of Documentary Heritage




  1. Name of Documentary Heritage

  2. Abstract 
    (Highlight the nature, uniqueness and significance of the documentary heritage.)

  3. Location of Document 
    Name of Holding Entity

  4. Identity and description of the documentary heritage 
    An item of documentary heritage can be a single document. Or it can be a group of documents such as a collection, a holding or an archival fonds.

  • Description & Inventory

  • Bibliographic Details

  • Visual Documentation if appropriate (1 jpeg, jpg or gif image) 

  • History of the document ( Provenance)

  1. Justification for submission ( Apply the following criteria)* 

    The item has exerted great influence over a span of time within a cultural area of the world and has uniqueness or representative ness. As demonstrated in the following criteria, it has had great influence—whether positive or negative—on the course of history.

    The time of its creation is a key attribute of its importance. It is a creature of its time; the time period may have been one of crisis or significant change ; an item or event that may be the “first of its kind”. 

    The place of its creation is a key attribute of its importance. It may be a creature of its geographic setting; it may reflect important locational events; it may be descriptive of physical environments, cities or institutions since vanished.

    The social and cultural context of its creation is a key attribute of its importance. It may reflect key individuals or groups.

    Subject and Theme
    The subject matter is a key attribute or its importance. It may represent particular historical developments in science, politics, religion or the arts.

    Form and Style
    The item may be a typical or key exemplar of a particular type of carrier or presentational format, of a disappeared or disappearing carrier or format .

  2. Legal Information 

  • Owner of the Documentary Heritage

  • Name

  • Address

  • Contact details

  • Accessibility ( Can the public have access, what if any are the conditions for access.

  • Copyright Status


  1. Assessment of Risk (Is the document at risk? Yes / No. If Yes describe the nature and scope to risk to this documentary heritage)

  2. Conservation Management Plan ( if any) 

  3. Details of person / entity making submission

  • Name (person or organization) 

  • Contact details (include address, phone, fax, email) 

* MEMORY OF THE WORLD: Criteria for nominated documents/ collections
Source: 2nd International Memory of the World Conference Colima, Mexico, 27 – 29 September 2000, Proceedings



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